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Pool Craft Swimming Pool Contractors are specialists in swimming pool design and installation in and around the local areas of Berkshire, including Ascot, Windsor, Wokingham, Reading, Virginia Water, Sunningdale, Cobham, Marlow, Henley, Oxshott, Weybridge, Henley, Marlow and Farnham.

We are a family run business enabling us to offer a consistent, top quality level of service throughout the entire project from concept to installation to the final commissioning of the pool. We also provide a landscaping service which means we can complete the entire project for you leaving you with a perfectly finished swimming pool area to enjoy giving you peace of mind.

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes and are accessible to all budgets. Every Pool Craft swimming pool is bespoke to our client’s needs and requirements and the two main types of external swimming pools we install are concrete with mosaic tiles and lined pools.


Tiled Concrete Pool

A Tiled concrete pool can be the more expensive option however it also offers the look of luxury and provides a practical resilience to many conditions making it a pool that can last an extremely long time.

A pool is a tough environment for any product to withstand. With the consistent chemical fluctuation and temperature variance, all pool products need to be long lasting. Our pools are constructed with concrete blocks and steel creating a solid and stable foundation and can flex & move with the environment to prevent structural failure

Another benefit of a tiled concrete pool is the extensive choice of glass or ceramic tiles sourced from around the world. This incredible choice of tile options allows you to create bespoke designs just for you.

Liner Pools

The other alternative is the Liner pool. Liner pool bases are usually built with manufactured panels and steel braces which are fairly fast to construct. The liner is made to size off-site and then fitted to the base. Once the base is built the liner usually takes a couple of days to install.

These pools are usually cheaper to install and you have a variety of different colours and patterns to choose from.

The smooth surface of a vinyl liner is also gentle on the skin and it is much kinder to the bottoms of your feet.

Energy efficiency

When people consider installing a swimming pool they are often concerned about the running costs. This is completely understandable due to the volume of water that needs to be heated being far bigger than the typical house’s domestic hot water tank. It does seem rather a big ask.

However, at Poolcraft a Swimming Pool Builder in Berkshire, we use Air Source Heat Pumps which can reduce the running costs by over 50%. An air-source heat pump extracts energy in the form of heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside.

Your swimming pool does not need to be heated to as high a temperature as your domestic hot water so the temperature can be a lot lower. This lower temperature allows the heat pump to operate much more efficiently and makes the use of heat pumps for swimming pools a viable option.

Heating your swimming pool using renewable energy is a surprisingly simple and easy way to keep your costs low and your energy clean.

Also by using a top of the range safety covers, they can also assist the heat pumps in conserving energy and keeping the pool heated for all year round use.


There is a common misconception that swimming pools are extremely high maintenance, Well you will be happy to learn that maintaining a pool is not too much work especially with the introduction of an Automatic Chlorine Feeder. An automatic chlorine feeder plugs directly into your pump and filter system and sanitises the water returning to the pool.

To ensure your pool remains in tip-top condition, you can always contact us here at Poolcraft limited and we will do the work for you.

If you would like to discuss any of the options above please get in touch with the premier Swimming Pool Installer in Berkshire today. We will talk you through the range of options available to suit your requirements. Our 30 years of experience combined with our excellent aftercare service will ensure your project will run smoothly, to time and within your budget. Our one-stop solution including landscaping services will give you the peace of mind that we will look after the entire job to your complete satisfaction.

Call 01344 721972 to speak to us today, or alternatively, fill out our contact form.