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Hot Tubs

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Be together

Spend time together, immersed in warm water. The spa becomes a private and safe place where people can relax, let their guard down, and enjoy meaningful conversation and special moments with loved ones.

Be outside

Take a pause and appreciate beautiful sunsets, starry nights, falling snow, changing leaves, and much more.

With a hot tub, you have a private retreat steps away from your door. Surrounded by nature, you can take in the beauty we often take for granted.

Be yourself

Be at your best every day by making a spa a part of your daily ritual. Experience relief of stress and tension from sore muscles and emotional and mental benefits. Immersed in warm water, you can disconnect and emerge renewed

Health benefits of using a Hot Tub

More than a hot tub – The benefits to your health and well-being:

Stress relief

Stress results in muscle tension, headaches, fatigue and soreness.

Regular Hot Tub use, through a combination of buoyancy, heat and massage relieves tension and stress.

Buoyancy eases pressure in joints and muscles, while heat increases blood flow to muscles and accelerates healing.

Additionally, Hot tub jets provide therapeutic massage, stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller.

Promotes weight loss

In clinical studies patients who used hot tubs lost an average of 3.5 pounds in weight without any new diet or physical exercise programmes.

In short, the weight loss resulted from the hot water massage simulating the effects of exercise, on the muscles.

Sleep more soundly

No more counting sheep! According to the National Sleep Foundation, 30 million Britons suffer from mild to chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders.

A study in the journal ‘Sleep’ showed that soaking in a hot tub prior to bedtime will not only help you fall asleep, but will  provide a deeper, more relaxing sleep as the body cools.